Cells 3.6.0 released – Rails 3.1 here we go!

Just released “Cells 3.6”:https://github.com/apotonick/cells – Cells are view components (aka portlets or widgets) for Rails. The new version runs with Rails 3.0 _and_ 3.1 and it has no cool new features!

The “view inheritance code”:https://github.com/apotonick/cells/blob/v3.5.6/lib/cell/rails.rb#L146 got obsolete for 3.1 since Rails itself implements it, so “Andrzej Krzywda”:http://andrzejonsoftware.blogspot.com/ and I decided to introduce a “Strategy for separating different version portions”:https://github.com/apotonick/cells/blob/v3.6.0/lib/cell/rails.rb#L11 in Cells. This makes it pretty easy to maintain two versions since the version-dependent code is abstracted into separate strategy files.

In the following version we will allow rendering specific template formats.

render :format => :js

This involves a slight refactoring of Rails’ internal rendering cycle and it’s highly probable that this fix will be merged into Rails 3.2 itself.

Now, go and have fun with Cells and Rails 3.1!


2 thoughts on “Cells 3.6.0 released – Rails 3.1 here we go!

  1. Great to see the work bringing cells into Railsl 3.1 and eventually Rails 3.2 (which is gonna rock). Keep up the work!


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