I don’t get form_tag

Ok, so I call something like html_options = { :onSubmit => “new Ajax.Request(\”/barn/render_event_response\”)” } form_tag(“barn”, html_options) Can you see my well-escaped JavaScript? However, I get “<form action="/barn/render_event_response" method="post" onsubmit="new Ajax.Request(\"/barn/render_event_response\")" Why does Rails &quot; my JavaScript? Can anybody help?

Rails::Generator destroys Namespaces

The cool thing is that Rails’ script/generator script can be invoked via an API call Rails::Generator::Scripts::Generate.new.run(%w(controller blog), :destination => ‘/tmp’) so you can create assets in your code, or test the generator. Where is my JavascriptGenerator? The bad thing is, that after you used Rails::Generator, you can’t rely on autoloading anymore, at least for classes… Continue reading Rails::Generator destroys Namespaces

Skype complains “can’t write to file” when receiving upload

When a friend tried to upload some files via Skype to my PC it kept failing, Skype for Ubuntu complained “can’t write to file” as soon as I accepted the upload. Here’s the solution: First, I created a world-writable directory mkdir /home/nick/skype-uploads chmod 777 /home/nick/skype-uploads I opened the File Transfer dialog, clicked the sprocked… Continue reading Skype complains “can’t write to file” when receiving upload

OpenOffice Impress doesn’t show videos on Ubuntu

After copying a presentation from my laptop to my desktop box (which’s running OpenOffice.org 3.1.1) the embedded AVI videos didn’t show up anymore. The error message: “The format of the selected file is not supported.” It turned out that the JRE was missing gstreamer. The solution sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras