Apotomo – Screencasts Of Glory – Episode 4

{{{ The 4th episode discusses partial updates of widgets. * Using the @event@ instance to transport payload data between widgets. * Updating the page by sending back arbitrary JavaScript and markup from trigger states. * Extracting partials to separate widget views. * Using @#render@ in both views and states for DRY code. BTW, please feel… Continue reading Apotomo – Screencasts Of Glory – Episode 4

Released Apotomo 1.2

{{{ I just “released Apotomo 1.2”:https://github.com/apotonick/apotomo/commit/1212694f9b76d3781186a9a5f412008ca57cdecd today. Yeah. People screaming, clapping, hooting, going nuts, I can hear it. Ok, this release is nothing special, but it fixes a severe bug. No, it wasn’t just a bug, it was more, *it was a design flaw!* h3. What’s new? Nothing. I already said that. However, in the… Continue reading Released Apotomo 1.2

Spec Your Widgets with rspec-apotomo!

{{{ Open source is a great thing. I love the fact that you can simply ignore “feature requests by users”:http://groups.google.com/group/cells-and-apotomo/browse_thread/thread/6f50cb2ea5c62ff4 and anybody will give you a hard time about it – hey, *it’s _just_ open source*. Even better, people will start implementing things on their own if you make them wait long enough. This is… Continue reading Spec Your Widgets with rspec-apotomo!

Pragmatic Rails: Write RIAs, not websites!

{{{ Dude, I was googling for _”RIA and Rails”_ recently. Latest posts were dated 2007. Oh wait, there’s “one”:http://raibledesigns.com/rd/entry/groovy_rails_with_components_ria from 2008 basically stating *”Rails needs components”* – which is “nothing new to me”:http://nicksda.apotomo.de/2010/10/10-points-how-cells-improves-your-rails-architecture/. h3. What’s a RIA? A RIA nothing more than an acronym for Rich Internet Application. What’s that, again? * Usually that’s a… Continue reading Pragmatic Rails: Write RIAs, not websites!

Pragmatic Rails: Let’s do AJAX-backed Sidebar Widgets right, Jim!

{{{ Days ago “I explained how to write a sidebar widget in Rails”:http://nicksda.apotomo.de/2010/11/lets-write-a-reusable-sidebar-component-in-rails-3/, using the view component framework “Cells”:http://github.com/apotonick/cells. This was fun. Clicking a tag leads to a page reload, where the _Recent posts_ list *displays items matching the tag*, only. It worked great, however, each click needs a real HTTP request and a reload… Continue reading Pragmatic Rails: Let’s do AJAX-backed Sidebar Widgets right, Jim!