Ruby On REST 2: Representers and the DCI Pattern

{{{ We “talked about Representers earlier last week”: Today, I wanna describe DCI and how it fits perfectly together with representers in “Roar”: h3. What is DCI? For years we’ve been taught that “Fat Models, Skinny Controllers” is the way to organize code. Push all your domain code into your ActiveRecord classes. “Many people”:, including… Continue reading Ruby On REST 2: Representers and the DCI Pattern

Are Class Methods Evil?

{{{ Two things I like in programming: *Object instances and abandoning global things.* I especially “appreciate any DCI effort”: in the community helping us getting away from classes back to thinking about objects and clean responsibilities. In order to explain my thoughts about DCI, here’s a first post about class methods, which seem to be… Continue reading Are Class Methods Evil?